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Founder and CEO Anna Hedman has teamed up with the leading London based start up accelerator E-man, to create the ANNA platform. The service was founded on the belief that helping is and should be rewarding for all participants. The sharing of knowledge in today’s world is one of the most powerful ways to give and to help others - as knowledge is power. We also know that in order to get the correct knowledge and information that we need, we first need to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Every remarkable and noteworthy scientific discovery, medical advance, successful advertising campaign, successful new product launch, merit receiving University dissertation paper, or any business success story (just to name a few examples) came about because the RIGHT QUESTIONS were asked.

What are the questions that ultimately lead to the best Answers?

How do you as a student make sure that your research is focused, and that you are asking the questions that will bring you the insight that you need in order to write that top notch thesis?

How do you as a business make sure that you are asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS that will lead to building a dialogue, enhancing loyalty, and providing dynamic and REAL genuine feedback of your products and services?

We have the solution to all of these questions, because we have created the first and only market place for the value of questions. Our users, and your customers’ activity, will determine at what value questions need to be asked in order to get the most authentic and dynamic responses.

This is done through companies and individuals purchasing Bonus Points and attaching them to the questions that are the most important to them. The individuals who provide the best answers are awarded these Bonus Points, which can be redeemed for gifts, vouchers, or cash ... It’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone!

Our main aim was to make the process as fun, exciting, and stimulating as possible.

Anna offers a fun, game like experience that allows companies and their customers to build a dialogue and create a relationship like never before.


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